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The think tank, called Tænketanken Hav, will serve as a focal point for work towards a clean, healthy sea and sustainable use of its resources.
VILLUM FONDEN is making a new pool of grants available to promote climate education for children and young people. Schools, associations and other organisations can apply for grants to develop and test courses that can inspire other schools and teachers.
Danish universities led by DTU and GreenLab Skive are further strengthening their collaboration to develop and demonstrate the energy systems of the future—with the help of a grant from VILLUM FONDEN.
Three innovative museum projects receive a total of DKK 15 million from VELUX FONDEN. Visitors can look forward to participating in finding traces of the past in the signs of the present and creating the narrative of the future.
Nominations for The Daylight Award 2022, the dual prize for research and architecture are now open. This is a unique opportunity for researchers and architects to acknowledge fellow professionals for their dedicated focus on daylight. Nominations will stay open until 30 September 2021.
VELUX FONDEN’s board has elected a new board member and appointed a new chair at the AGM held on 11 May.

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